CASA of Ventura County Newsletters

The downloadable file above is a schedule of all 2018 In-Services hosted by CASA of Ventura County on various topics that pertain to the youth community we serve. In-Services and CE Opportunities are now available to be attended by the public.

All CASAs are required to complete 12 hours of continuing education per calendar year on topics and categories specified by the Administrative Office of the Court. You can obtain these hours through Continuing Education (eligible trainings offered by other organizations) or by attending In-Service Programs offered by CASA of Ventura County.

If you sign up for a course listed in this bulletin, please obtain a proof of attendance/participation and submit it with your Activity Sheet at the end of the month. If you learn of a training opportunity that is not listed here, please check with Janet in advance to see that it will count towards your 12 hours.

(As further clarification, hours you donate volunteering at events such as Milestones, or staffing a table at a community event, etc. are valued as Activity Hours which CASA needs to report to the State, but do not qualify as Continuing Education.)

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"There are unfair stereotypes and myths that affect teens in foster care. Addressing these misconceptions is critical to understanding the importance of adoption for all children and working to reduce barriers standing in the way of their adoption" (Grassley).

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A San Francisco Bay Area museum is taking an unusual tack with an exhibition about foster youth in California. “Heart wrenching. Emotional,” [museum visitor Diane Lamott] said choking back tears. “Makes you wish you could have done something more to help.”

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