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October is National Bullying Prevention Month: Bullying Resources

This month we are focusing on the prevention of bullying and raising awareness about the stigma of foster care. We all can make a difference!
Everybody has the right to be treated with respect. We cannot allow bullying behavior to become normalized, and we must effectively advocate for children in foster care, who are often targeted. Unfortunately, youth who experience foster care struggle with low confidence levels due to their circumstances and this can make them a target of bullying. 


• California Anti-Bullying Laws and Policies - Take a look at California laws and regulations, it's full of helpful links, definitions, prevention, and action plans: 

• Bully Free: How to be an Advocate - Do you know a child who is being bullied? Learn ways to advocate with schools to provide effective anti-bullying programs: 

• Cyberbullying and Youth - Cyberbullying has become increasingly common and today’s youth are at the forefront of victimization. 

• Bullying of LGBT Youth and Those Perceived to Have Different Sexual Orientations - Take a look on ways you can support LGBTQ youth: