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CE: Life Space Crisis Intervention

Tuesday, April 16, 2019
10:00 am CDT3:00 pm CDT
Casa Pacifica, 1722 South Lewis Rd., Camarillo

This course introduces a child and youth care method for nurturing insight and self-awareness in young people who are stuck in patterns of ineffective behavior. Participants engage in case studies, guided practice, and group discussion about six specific behavioral patterns: displaced emotions, misperceptions, lagging social skills, bullying, impulsivity, and destructive peer relationships. Topics include: how stress impacts the brain and learning, factors that launch conflict into an ongoing cycle, listening and validation skills, the use of questions to increase self-awareness, and the stages of effective intervention.

Lunch on your own. Sign-in begins at 9:30 am. Registration closes April 2

Register by clicking the link below.

CE Hours: 20 (if you complete all four days)