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CE: Leveraging ACEs Connection to Bring ACES Science into you Community

Tuesday, May 21, 2019
1:00 pm CDT2:30 pm CDT
Online Webinar

This 90-minute professional webinar is designed to expand family support professional's knowledge of ACEs Connection as resource to bring the science of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) to their families and communities. Special emphasis will be placed on exploring the suite of tools and resources available within ACEs Connection's Growing Resilient Communities 2.0. These resources are designed to support local leaders as they develop a deeper understanding of ways to accelerate their local ACEs initiative. Opportunities to network with like-minded individuals and leaders on ACEs Connection will also be discussed. Special emphasis will be placed on starting and growing ACEs Connection geographic and interest-based communities. Presenters will discuss how interrupting the cross generational transmission of ACEs results in healthier children, families and communities.
Guest Presenters:
Donielle Prince, ACEs Connection, San Francisco Bay Area Community Facilitator
Gail Kennedy, ACEs Connection California Central Valley & Capital Region Community Facilitator
Karen Clemmer, ACEs Connection Northern California Community Facilitator
Lara Kain, ACEs Connection Southern California Community Facilitator
By the conclusion of the webinar, participants will have concrete strategies for:
● Accessing the numerous resources available to ACEs Connection members including key
talking points, research, articles, slides, meeting resources and much more
● Starting or growing an online ACEs Connection geographic or interest-based community
● Utilizing the four aspects of the Growing Resilient Communities 2.0 tools and resources as
when working on their regional ACEs initiative
● Being an active member of ACES Connection, including joining established online
communities and navigating features such as "Ask the Community"
*Note: You need to register with Strategies 2.0 to sign-up for webinars. The process is easy and free. Register by clicking the link below.
CE Hours: 1.5