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In-Service CE: Advocating for LGBTQ Youth

Wednesday, August 11, 2021
6:00 pm8:00 pm
Online via Zoom

Presenter: Jennifer Bailey PsyD

Our society is unquestionably becoming more accepting of LGBTQ people, especially when it comes to traditional rites of citizenship like serving in the armed forces, getting married, and parenting. But these gains do not in themselves protect our youth from abuse and discrimination due to their sexual orientation and/or gender identity and expression

- LGBTQ youth are two times as likely both to be threatened or injured with a weapon at school and to skip school because they feel unsafe.
- 69% of LGBTQ youth reported experiencing some form of harassment or violence

This In-Service will explore issues LGBTQ youth in care face and help CASAs to better advocate for those youth.

Register by clicking the link below.

CE Hours: 2