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All About Credit

Wednesday, March 8, 2023
6:00 pm7:00 pm

Join us for part 2 of our financial series with Chase Bank as we discuss credit. What is it? Is it important? How to build credit?
My name is Erica Ayala and with north of 18 years of banking experience my proudest work is yet to come in this new role as Community Manager with JPMorgan Chase. I am a mother to a wonderful 14-year-old daughter who has taught me the challenges youth currently are facing. My husband and I enjoy engaging in our local communities where he and my parents grew up- La Colonia, Oxnard. My 5 siblings and I are proud first generation born to our parents who migrated from Mexico. They like many in Oxnard were farm workers prior to gaining citizenship and obtaining corporate jobs. My mother who became a single parent at my young age, recently passed. She left me with many of her gifts but the most important one was- to pay attention to the world and look for ways to change it!
This is my “why”. I’m compassionate about working in the community and teaching financial literacy. In my role as a Community Manager, I work with local nonprofits and for-profit organizations by hosting workshops on topics such as budgeting and savings, credit, home ownership, retirement and small business ownership.
I am one the key players in bringing to life our $30 billion Racial Equity Commitment. Chase is focused on bringing an end to systemic racism by providing the Hispanic, Latino and Black community an opportunity to succeed financially.