Court Appointed Special Advocates of Ventura County

2018 In-Service Schedule

Schedule is subject to change. Click the In-Service title for more details.

CE Hours to Obtain Online:


Visit QPI California to fulfill your CE hours online.

QPI California has a library of online video training covering a wide range of topics related to foster youth.   It is entitled "Just in Time Training".  Each video is a different length meaning you will receive a different number of hours for each. Additionally, in order to receive your hours, there has to be a "California quiz" associated with the video.  You can tell if it has the quiz before you begin viewing the video.  Just underneath the video screen you will see a line that reads "Click here to take the California Quiz".  When you click the link to the quiz you will see instructions for how to retrieve a certificate for the training upon successful completion of the quiz.  In order to receive credit for the hours you will need to email the certificate to Janet at   

Please email Janet at before taking a training to make sure that it qualifies for the Title IV-E training hours.