Volunteer Stories

The following is a collection of true stories from our CASA volunteers. Learn what inspired them to become a CASA volunteer, why they have continued on this journey, and a few of their joyous, rewarding, and sometimes difficult experiences along the way. 

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  • My CASA journey began at a dog adoption event where my wife and I were volunteering. One of the other volunteers had just taken a job as a Behavior Health Clinician with the County and I was asking her about her new position. She told me that the kids she was working with had life experiences just like many of the dogs at the shelter. They were abused, neglected, and even abandoned. She then described some of the emotional and even physical issues the kids were dealing with. I asked her what these kids needed most to help them get better. She gave me information about the CASA program. I figured if I could help dogs, I should be trying to help kids as well. So, I made the call. My work as a CASA has been an eye-opening experience that...

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